Only a few pictures can convince thousands of people

The first impression can spark love. The first look at your hotel, restaurant or shop can bring new customers. Good photo is crucial.

How I work

Individual approach

Every interior shoot is unique to me. I always try to understand the client's wishes. I work responsibly and I realize the impact of the final product.

Professional photo gear

You can take a pretty decent picture with your phone, but nothing compares to professional photos! I use full-frame DSLR cameras, high-quality lenses and external flashes.

Photos postproduction

All photos of the interior go through my thorough postproduction. Whether I take pictures of accommodation, restaurants or other interiors.

My experiences

I have been active in the interior photography and hotel industry for over three years. I like to attend various courses and try to keep moving forward.

Customer satisfaction

I care about the satisfaction of all clients and their positive feedback. You can see how I am doing it here.

Quick and easy communication

I am always available to you on phone or email. You are always aware of the conditions before shooting.

Leave me your contact

I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Or call me directly on +420 640 271 963

My biography

Lukáš Veselý - interior photographer

I have been doing interior photography for over 3 years. I had the opportunity to use precision, responsibility and creative ideas before. I designed websites and filmed videos. But photography was prevalent, and the passion for it was always in the first place. I have experience in the hospitality business and thanks to this I know what works for its promotion. I also know Airbnb, and other services well from the hotelier's perspective. When shooting, I count on that the resulting photos can be easily used on all accommodation booking websites.



4 photos package

room / apartmant / common space / exterior

  • photos of the whole space
  • postproduction editing
  • focusing on important elements in the room
  • a combination of overall view and detail
  • includes 4 professional photos


1 photograph

  • extra photograph
  • postproduction editing

Travel cost in Czech Republic are 0.2 € / Km. Travel costs to other countries are individual.

Photography order

If you are interested in photography or have any questions about my services, do not hesitate to contact me.

What people say about my services...

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